• Protective Gear Reinvented: IoT Sensors for Enhanced Safety

  • Stay Connected, Stay Safe: IoT Sensors Revolutionizing PPE

  • Smart Safety Solutions: Real-Time Monitoring for Effective PPE

  • Empowering Workers with IoT: Ensuring PPE Compliance at Every Step

  • Next-Gen Technology for Workplace Safety


Innovative Management and Monitoring System for the use of personal safety equipment for workers using proximity technologies


Innovative platform leveraging Internet of Things and proximity technologies

Next generation Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) using of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors

Integrated PPE management environment and workplace safety incident monitoring



Strengthening the safety of workers in various sectors of the Greek economy as there is dynamic update on the non-use of PPE and activation of automatic Push notifications processes on the mobile phone, limiting the chances of occupational accidents

Effective organization of PPE in an organization and tracking if they are present and in good condition

Employees' confidence in the organisational and preventive measures taken by their employers to prevent and reduce occupational accidents



The WEAR4Safe platform is being piloted in the Municipality of Trikkaia in two indicative areas of work that include tasks requiring the use of PPE: Garbage vehicles and cleaning of public spaces and buildings. The e-Trikala Development Corporation, having ten years of experience in the management of both national and European (co-)funded projects in the wider technological field, contributed substantially to the design and trial implementation of the WEAR4Safe platform.