The Project

The project focuses on the development of an innovative system for managing and monitoring the use of personal protective and safety equipment for employees using proximity technology. The purpose of PPE is to reduce workers' exposure to risks, when these risks cannot be addressed or reduced to an acceptable level by technical means, administrative controls or collective protection means. The system will be able to provide information about the status of each means of protection (equipment, clothing, footwear, glasses, helmets, etc.) depending on whether it is in the correct position and depending on whether the employee is wearing it, using proximity technology. Ιt will also offer a function for recording all means of protection, computerizing them as well as recording their critical parameters (expiration date, damages, failures, etc.). The proposed research aims to record all possible means of managing and monitoring the use of personal protective equipment (depending on the nature of each job and the legislative framework) based on proximity technologies such as NFC, Beacons, wearables and RFID tags.